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New Donna Sharp Handbags

Celestial Patch Handbags

     Celestial Patch

    Malibu Mum

     Malibu Patch

    Malibu Flower


Donna Sharp Featured Quilts

Bear Lake Quilt

     Bear Lake Quilt

Plum Postage Stamp Quilt

    Plum Postage Stamp

Logan Bear Quilt

     Logan Bear Quilt

Mauvelous Postage Stamp Quilt

   Mauvelous Postage Stamp

We are a small Family business, started in 2002, and our goal is to make all of our customers feel like part of our family.

We are descendents of the original Pioneer Families that settled Gatlinburg, TN in the 1700's.

Our Family has been in the hospitality business in Gatlinburg, TN since the early 1900's.  At The Maples' Tree we are striving to bring our customers some of the feel of the Great Smoky Mountains into their own homes.

Please enjoy your visit to our website and if you are ever in Gatlinburg, TN please drop by for a visit at our store.

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